Positioning, Messaging & Brand Voice.

Your company’s positioning, messaging, and tone of voice will influence every bit of content you create, how you’re viewed in the market, and which customers are drawn to you. It should be the first thing you define, and should be re-visited often as your product and/or the market shifts over time.


Your website is your first chance to capture your ideal customer’s attention, convince them that you are the answer to their problems, and convert them to a lead. Your website is where you will show off your company’s mission, who you are, what you offer, why you're different, how you work with clients, and so much more.

Blog Post.

A blog is a short article hosted in your website’s resource section that your target audience will find valuable. It usually takes the form of how-to, lists, or opinion post, and it shows prospects you know their space and are able to solve their problems. It’s also a huge SEO driver online, increasing your visibility with potential buyers and driving them to your website to read the post and poke around more.

Bylined Article.

An opinion-based article ghost-written for a member of your executive team, positioning them, and your company, as a thought leader in your industry. Bylined articles are pitched and placed in an industry media publication, and are one of the most effective tools for establishing credibility with a target audience.


A modern successor to the white paper, usually designed in landscape with more white space and graphics to lighten the reading experience. The tone is lighter, more accessible, and more conversational than a whitepaper, with snappy headlines/subheads to introduce key sections and points.


Whitepapers are top or middle-of-funnel content pieces used to educate potential buyers on an issue and show how to tackle it. Whitepapers are designed in portrait, are rooted in research, and use a slightly academic tone to establish your company as the industry leader.

Explainer Video.

A short, animated video that clearly explains your company or one of your key products or services to your target audience in a compelling way. Explainer videos are usually 1-2 minutes in length, light in tone, and easy to understand.

Press Release.

A short, compelling news story about your company that you deliver to the media with the goal of news outlets picking up your story and getting your name out there. Use press releases to announce new clients, financing rounds, company growth, new products and partnerships, a new important hire, research results, and more.