Hi, I’m Alexis.

In 2015, I left my successful 10 year career in advertising to join a small tech startup in Toronto that had less than 20 employees and 3 clients. I was their first marketer, and having little experience in tech, I had to try an array of different strategies and tactics to figure out what could get us on the map. I wrote press releases, blog posts, articles, emails, eBooks, research papers, presentations, landing pages, video scripts, award submissions, and more.

Content writing became one of the biggest parts of my role, and it turns out, I have a knack for it! I loved figuring out how to speak to our audience so that they actually listened. I loved putting sentences together in just the right way to convey our product in the context of their needs. 

The results were amazing. Not only did the industry quickly know who we were, but we were seen as the leaders in our space, and we tripled our client base.

I’ve now turned to freelancing so that I can help more companies find their voice and achieve success. 

When you hire me as a writer, you’ll be getting a marketer for free. I naturally look at the whole picture – how you’re seen in the market, what your competition is saying, and what your audience truly needs – as I craft messaging and content.

If you’re looking to carve out your position in the market, trying to figure out your messaging, need a new website, or simply want more content created, please reach out! I’d love to chat about how I can help.

Find out more about my experience here